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Meet Tyler Deans

I am a Video Engineer who came to Christ shortly before the pandemic. Following Christ brought me to Southern California where I found my home church, met my now-wife, and began a deepening connection in my relationship with God.

I became homeless two weeks before the world shut down and my home church, Harbor Christian, agreed to offer me a home in their church, both parties totally unaware of what the next year would look like. During this time, the church would learn of my video and engineering capabilities. I started creating video services that would be uploaded to YouTube on Sundays, allowing the church to stay together. Later I designed and implemented a full live-streaming setup that is used by Harbor Christian Church, CLUE OC, Jewish Collaborative of Orange County, and even DSF for their 60th Anniversary.

During my time, regardless of what struggles I would endure; losing the ability to walk from spinal injuries, abuse from family members, and homelessness; I continued answering God’s call. Answering that call has led to healing. Healing from homelessness. Healing from abuse. And yes, healing spinal injuries. That call has now led me to Claremont School of Theology. This period of study is crucial to understanding God’s word as well as pastors and their communities so that I may best serve the specific needs and pain points that they may be experiencing. The church is in a transformative period, and I am here to help best express these changes. To be an instrument and play a tiny part in a revival. Revival of theology, revival of faith, and a cultural revival.

I hope to serve by leveraging our technological world to create more connections and in-person communities. I hope to leverage it to help the church become more accessible than ever before and to bridge groups that have been historically marginalized, even within the church. I hope to serve differently-abled people and allow groups to worship together regardless of language and cultural barriers. With these new tools, I hope to help pastors reach out to those who feel alone and separate from community, and to help leave the 99 in pursuit of the 1.


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