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Certificate of Ministry Studies Program

Currently, the CMS program is only offered in English & Spanish.

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The Certificate of Ministry Studies program (CMS) is designed for adults who serve their local church ministry and are interested in deepening their knowledge in theology, the Bible, and the practice of ministry. This program also allows for students in the Pacific Southwest Region (PSWR) to meet educational expectations for licensed or commissioned ministry and explore further theological education.


CMS is a two-year program that requires students to complete 180 hours of instruction for a total of 36 credits to be considered for graduation and to receive a Certificate of Ministry Studies.

Class Locations: Classes are currently held on Zoom

There are several different cohorts based on geographic area. Call for more information.

The CMS faculty are drawn from across denominational lines and from the continental US and Puerto Rico. All professors for the required Block Courses are current or experienced seminary professors with doctorate degrees in their field of teaching.

Faculty includes: Dra. Awilda Gonzalez-Babb,  Dr. David Escobar-Arcay,  Dra. Zaida Maldonado Perez,  Dr. Huberto Pimentel,  Dra. Yara Gonzalez-Justiniano,  Dr. David Alicea,  Dr. David Wheeler,  Dr. David Cortes-Fuentes,   Dr. Angel Santiago-Vendrel,  Dr. Samuel Pagan, Dr. David Valenting Acevedo


•  Introduction to the New Testament
•  Introduction to the Old Testament
•  Introduction to Systematic Theology
•  Christian Ethics
•  History of Christianity
•  Biblical Preaching
•  Christian Education
•  Pastoral Care and Counseling
Total: 8 block courses at 15 hours each = 120 hours of instruction

•  Boundary Training I & II
•  History of the Reformation
•  Chaplin Ministry
•  Urban Ministry
•  Church Administration
•  Ministry to the Mourning
•  World Religions
•  Christian Church (DOC) History & Polity I & II
•  Youth Ministry
•  Church Growth
•  Congregational Leadership
•  Managing Church Conflict
•  Preaching Practice
•  Anti-Racism & Pro-Reconciliation I & II
•  Christian Apologetic
•  Personal Financial Administration
Total: 12 workshops/seminars, 5 hours each = 60 hours of instruction


Total hours of instruction to complete the certificate = 180 hours

To Register or request more information, contact:

Rev. Xose G. Escamilla, CMS Program Director

Phone: (619) 232-4737


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