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The C. William Bailey Scholarship provides a scholarship each year to a DSF student enrolled in theological education, preparing for ministry, is part of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) or the United Church of Christ, and who has demonstrated financial need. 

C. William “Bill" Bailey was known for his sense of humor, commitment to justice, loyalty to friends, deep-rooted faith, dedication to family, heartfelt empathy, and eloquence in the pulpit and courtroom. He remained a loyal layperson, providing leadership in his Seattle congregation, University Christian Church, and the Regional and General Church of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). His leadership included serving on several boards, including the Division of Overseas Ministry and the Pension Fund. He also served as the Vice Moderator of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) from 1989-1991. From 1990-1999, he was a Board Member of Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, CA.

Awardees:  Rev. Vinetta Golphin-Wilkerson (2023-2024), Shannon Marckx (2023-2024),  Sandra Roberts (2022-2023)

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The Don and Carol Bremer Scholarship is given each year to married DSF M.Div. students at Claremont School of Theology (CST) who are engaged in field education at a congregation of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Don and Carol experienced that married students face a particular set of issues. They are trying to work on school, marriage, spouse’s career, and church service all at once – while learning the difficult roles of pastor and pastor’s spouse. None of that is easy. The Bremers established this fund to encourage students who are in the midst of this experience.

Connie Mirsoslaw  (2023-2024), Zade Evans (2022-2023), Alexis Cruz-Benitez and Courtney Stanton (2020-2021), Tanya Lopez (2018-2019), RJ Lucchesi and Rip Rippetoe (2017-2018), Shawn Koester (2016-2017), Robert Blair, Jr. (2015-2016), Siobhan Lopez and Gabriel Lopez (2014-2015), Sadie Cullumber (2013-2014)


The Janis Brown Scholarship is given each year to a woman of color who is a DSF student at Claremont School of Theology and whose work specializes in chaplaincy.

Rev. Janis Brown is a minister in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), currently serving in chaplaincy in Arizona. Before seminary, she held several leadership positions for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Ohio and served Disciples Home Mission as Program Director in the Office of Disciples Women,  where she initiated a leader development program for women of color now known as the Leader Apprentice Program.  During her time at CST, Janis’ interest in spiritual formation introduced her to chaplaincy.  As a student, she met Bob Wilson, a retired layperson at First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), Pomona. They became great friends, and Janis provided much of the spiritual care for Bob during his last two years of life. In his estate, Bob Wilson provided for this scholarship to honor Janis and to encourage her example of caring chaplaincy and friendship.

Gloria Carr (2023-2024), Gloria Carr (2022-2023), Eula Pagdilao (2018-2019), Lara McKinley (2017-2018), China Isler (2015-2017)

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The Joseph D. Driskill Scholarship is given each year to a DSF student in Northern California who best embodies Professor Driskill’s commitment to spirituality and social justice.

Rev. Dr. Joe Driskill is DSF’s founding dean in Northern California, and in 2011, DSF named him Dean Emeritus in recognition of his almost 20 years of service.  He also served as Professor of Spirituality at Pacific School of Religion.  He was a DSF student and a Ph.D. graduate of the Graduate Theological Union.  His numerous publications in spirituality, spiritual practices, and the ethics of ministry helped him gain an international reputation. He also served as president of the Society for the Study of Christian Spirituality.

Christiane Swartz (2023-2024), Rev. Marvin Lance Wiser (2022-2023), Neddy Yong (2020-2021), Nadia Tavera (2019-2020), Evan Stanfill (2018-2019), Tipisone Tuiolemotu (2017-2018), Audrey Barton (2016-2017), Jessica McFarland (2015-2016), Bentley Stewart (2013-2015)


The Jon and Melba Lacey Scholarship is given each year to DSF students, whether LGBTQ persons or allies, who are most likely to make a strong witness for inclusion throughout the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

Rev. Dr. Jon Lacey is a DSF graduate of CST and a long-time supporter of DSF. Jon and Melba have been instrumental in the founding and growth of GLAD (Gay, Lesbian, and Affirming Disciples), now known as Alliance Q. This scholarship was the first Disciples-related scholarship intended to encourage Disciples to be open and affirming.

Rev. Dr. Erin Edwards and Lou Davis (2023-2024), Mel Cobb and Seven Alexander Gardner (2022-2023), Julie Davis and Zade Evans (2020-2021), DC Sills (2019-2020), Alanna Hunter-Crump, Monica Cross, and Courtney Armento (2018-2019), Wally Hoeger, Larry Morris, and Tana Roseboro (2017-2018), Clemette Haskins and Greyson Vega (2017-2018), Werner Tillinger and Greyson Vega (2015-2016), Marianna (M.A.) Sempari (2014-2015), Darnell Fennell (2013-2014), Hope Attenhofer (2012-2013)

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The Parsons Scholarship is intended for DSF M.Div. students at Claremont School of Theology with strength and interest in music, worship, or practical theology.

This scholarship fund is in memory of Rev. Dr. Mark David Parsons, DSF Dean Emeritus, who passed away in June 2015 after four years of liver cancer. He served for 16 years on DSF’s staff in a number of positions. He also served CST as Assistant Professor of Religion and Music, and for a time as Interim Dean and Vice President. He was responsible for the improved relationship between CST and DSF in the 2000s, which made our current presence possible. Mark was also involved with the invention and initial approvals of the hybrid M.Div. program. Mark was a life-long musician. In his early years, he played French horn and trombone most often, as well as keyboards. He was music leader and worshiped in several churches in Oregon and Northern California and established a strong reputation among the Disciples for leading workshops on church music and worship. He understood the deep connections between music, worship, and faith formation in community. At CST, he taught music in the worship courses, directed chapel worship, and offered courses ranging from classical hymns to hip-hop.

Ron Crawford (2023-2024), Connie Miroslaw (2022-2023), Yvette Hernandez (2020-2021), Billy Strehlow (2019-2020), Hae-Jin Park and Carolyn Anderson (2018-2019), Gethsemane Tagaloa and Andrew Jaramillo (2017-2018), Tevita Uesi and Leah White (2016-2017), Lori Tapia and Tevita Uesi (2015-2016), Al Lopez (2014-2015), Caroline Hamilton-Arnold (2013-2014), Hun Choi (2012-2013)


The McCormick Scholarship is intended to students in good standing with demonstrated financial need.


This scholarship fund is in memory of Rev. Dr. Thomas McCormick, who passed away in February 2021 at the age of 86. He served as settled pastor of the High Point Community Church in Seattle from 1960-1965. He also served as the Campus Minister at the University of Washington from 1966-1985. Rev. Dr. McCormick joined the faculty at the University of Washington’s School of Medicine in 1974 to develop the medical school’s first program in medical ethics. Since that time, he taught a variety of elective courses in bioethics and was responsible for the early development of ethics in the medical school core curriculum at the Seattle campus and all of the UW sites region wide. The Scholarship originated after University Christian Church sold their historic building in 2008, which had housed their ministry for 130 years, and joined with another congregation to form Journey Christian Church in the Lake City area of Seattle. From the proceeds of the property sale, the congregation established a number of Legacy Gifts. One of the gifts honoring Dr. McCormick was created by the church, and Dr. McCormick established an endowed scholarship with DSF.

Awardees: Holly Greenidge (2023-2024)

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