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Meet Braeden Storkerson

My name is Braeden Aceves Storkersen, and I am from Southern California. I was born originally in Orange County, but moved to Temecula when I was four years old and currently reside there with my wife of three years.

I felt called toward being a pastor and a theologian when I was 16 years old. It quickly became clear though that I would need to find a progressive seminary to study at and progressive and inclusive faith communities to participate in.

Since then, I have found that community in the Disciples of Christ, and I have found that seminary in Claremont School of Theology. I have been a member of Missiongathering San Diego for three years now and have served as their Interim Pastor since March of this year.

I am deeply passionate about bridging the gap that often exists between biblical scholarship and public dialogue about the Bible. Therefore, my long-term hope is to create a public theology project that brings the conversations of seminary, particularly progressive seminaries like CST, to the mainstream.


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