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A Testimonial from Rev. Godfree McIntyre


My name is Godfree McIntyre. I have had the privilege of support from Disciples Seminary Foundation (DSF) through my M.Div. program at Claremont School of Theology (CST), and currently in my Ph.D. program in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy at CST. After raising my five children on my own after being widowed, I decided to pursue my lifelong dream of going to college. At the same time, I was finally embracing my true identity as a demi-pansexual trans man. I became anathema to my conservative community even as I learned to love myself. Discovering DSF in seminary was one of the best gifts I could have found. The intentionality that this ministry brings to authentic, creative honoring of the diverse backgrounds and identities of us as students becoming leaders in a changing world has been a profound source of encouragement to me through the ups and downs of my academic career. I feel so blessed to have found this space of refuge and flourishing. The support of DSF has literally made my life possible and my future bright. I have so much to contribute to the evolution of the church and the healing of the world, and I am so very thankful to DSF contributors for helping me make my vision of justice and hope into a tangible opportunity.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Godfree McIntyre


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