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A Testimonial from Christiane Swartz

Generosity is the value that most comes to mind when I think about Disciples Seminary Foundation. DSF is one of the very few entities I have experienced in my life that interacts in our community from a true perspective of abundance. Over and over, scripture tells how God loves with abundance, how when we choose a worldview of abundance, over one of scarcity, there is always enough. Enough food at the table, enough to drink, enough love, and the spirit in which we give is the same spirit that takes care of us. Disciples Seminary Fund has embodied this worldview in every single interaction they have had with me. The financial assistance made it possible for me to attend seminary at Pacific School of Religion, a life-changing experience. During the last seven years of seminary, squeezed in between my full-time work and family, I have frequently felt like there wasn’t quite enough of me to go around. Something is always a little late, something always a little short, mostly scraping by with the grace of God. Throughout, DSF has been a gentle and generous presence. No matter if I was late on paperwork or an obligation, or had questions about funding, or had made a mistake I needed help sorting out, DSF has been kind, hospitable to a fault, greeted me with joy, worked to help, and supported me with patience and love, and never even once has made me feel like I have let them down as I scrambled to make it all work together. That spiritual generosity has been a gift valuable beyond words. They have truly been a presence of Jesus in my world, and continually inspire me to work to be able to do that for others. Thank you DSF.


Christiane Swartz is a Pacific School of Religion M.Div. student who is graduating this spring. She is a mother, wife, social worker, jail chaplain, musician, and lover of the outdoors who is inspired daily by love, opportunity, and support to engage with these gifts and try to make a difference in the world.   


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