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3 Ways to Get Rid of Destructive Demotivators to Start a New Church 

Webinar from June 19, 2019


Based on the popularity of this webinar, we are excited to announce that we will have a course available ESPECIALLY for those who want to explore the possibility of a new church start. We will meet on Wednesdays in September, 2019. Registration is available now using the green button.

This course is eligible for CEU Credits – check in with Katy Valentine, Director of DSF Discover at


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  • Pastor Terrell McTyer

  • Rev. Dr. José Martinez

  • Rev. Sylvia Ramos

Have you been "Demotivated?" about starting a new church? Find out WHAT those demotivators are and find out how to overcome them.

This free training is ESPECIALLY for you...

  • If you've been told, "You can't be in ministry because you're a woman/trans/gay/POC" either in words or actions, then this webinar will show you how to move beyond this barrier so that you can fully claim the truth of who you are in service to God's kingdom 

  • If the world around you breaks your heart, but no one else seems to care and you long to make a difference in a BIG way, then this training will show you how to access your interior strengths so that you can . make the difference that you are called to make

  • If you feel that familiar pull by the Holy Spirit but no one supports you to figure it out, then this training will help you break through that barrier so that you can get the support and training that you need and deserve

  • If you know deep down that the system doesn't support you in what you feel called to do (and keeps on telling the same stories over and over), then this training will show you how to identify the specific barriers and break through them so that you can tell a NEW story.

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