True Inclusion as Jesus Work  (even if you lose a few church members)

From April 3, 2019


Pastor Brandan Robertson

Is your church TRULY inclusive? 


We are excited to welcome Brandan Robertson as our guest for this webinar on what it means to be truly inclusive – and what it does not mean. Namely, true inclusion is not a way to get more member into your church… in fact it may mean that you lose some members, especially when you are being inclusive as genuine Jesus work. What happens after the anti-racism training and the LGBTQI welcoming messages? True inclusiveness means deeper discipleship – but what should your next steps be? Brandan is the pastor of Mission Gathering in San Diego and the author of True Inclusion published by Chalice Press. 

This webinar originally aired on April 3, 2019.

Is this webinar for you? 

  • What is true inclusion?

  • Rolling back the Patriarchy

  • Checking into Motivation (it’s not church growth)

  • Facing the Facts – what do we do next?

  • Inclusion as a Spiritual Practice

Based on the popularity of this webinar, we have created a short course that is available now. Click here for more information: course is eligible for CEU Credits – check in with Katy Valentine, Director of DSF Discover at

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