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The DSF Mission Continues

DSF is in the midst a major transition. Many of you have recently heard of a change in leadership at DSF with the announcement of the departure of President Jon Berquist and the appointment of Dr. Jose Francisco Morales Jr. as Acting President.

Times of transition can be scary and uncertain, to be sure. Yet, we encourage you to breathe easy and know that DSF continues doing the amazing work it has always done, thanks in large part to the faithful staff who always do above and beyond for DSF, its students, and its mission.

DSF is busy at work with the start of a new school year. There is so much energy and excitement from our students, staff and partners. We are currently supporting, mentoring, educating, and empowering about 250 students, from our partner seminaries and our CMS and DMS programs. This semester, Claremont School of Theology (one of our partner seminaries) is teaching its first cohort of students in Salem, Oregon, as CST begins the process of affiliation with Willamette University. Our new DMS program and new CMS satellites are bringing in new student and generating new energy. And, we are currently exploring new cites and new CMS programs in other languages.  

As the largest institution for theological education in the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), we have the joyous privilege of walking with 250 persons who have answered God’s call upon their lives… 250 leaders equipped to transform the church and the world! 

Our educational impact is now reaching beyond the walls academia through our DSF Discover program, our center of online learning. DSF Discover offers a variety of webinar and other online learning opportunities for all people. Over 600 people have registered the wide variety of trainings we currently offer. And the program continues to grow. For more info, check our website:

Yes, times of transition can be scary and uncertain, to be sure. Yet, DSF remains ever faithful to our unique mission to support, educate and empower students as they respond to their call to serve the church and the world.  


Marilyn Fiddmont

Chair, DSF Board of Trustees

José Francisco Morales Jr.,

Acting President


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