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Welcome to DSF Discover: A Center for Online Learning

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DSF Discover is closing - BUT you can still get new content! Watch the video to find out how!

A Message from Katy -

Those of you who know me as the (former) director of DSF Discover, you've heard the sad news that the program is closing in its current form.... and now this is the EXCITING news that I will continue to host several of the courses over on my own learning platform. I'm excited about it! This platform will serve individuals in their spiritual growth as well as congregations for small groups and adult education.You can sign up to receive updates from this new project at:  I will see you on the new platform and look forward to our continued journey together!

Our most recent free training:

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4 Essential Priorities for a Just Peacemaking Church


 Rev. Paul Tché, President of the Council on Christian Unity 

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