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Meet Shannon Marckx, DSF Student at PSR

I have lived alongside the rivers and coastlines of Northern California all of my life. My undergraduate degree is in human resources, and I am part of the admin team for a small school district. I’m a daughter, a mother, and a woman standing in the middle of midlife, looking forward. My pronouns are she/her or they/them.

I’ve come to Pacific School of Religion in my parents’ footsteps. They raised me to value a life of service, and I have felt a pull since childhood that developed into a call to seminary.

Geyserville Christian Church is the congregation I call home.

When I say that I have a passion for the Gospel, I mean finding Jesus in those who he called “the least.” I fiercely love my family, and my core group of childhood friends. I am constantly seeking out any place with trees and waves and a good cup of coffee.

My roots are in the Sacramento area. I’d be delighted to serve a hometown congregation. But always, I am open to discovering my place in God’s vision for my ministry.


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