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Meet Andrew Thomas, DSF Student at PSR

My name is Andrew Thomas, and I am originally from Blacksburg, VA. I grew up in Centennial Christian Church in Blacksburg and have been involved with Unity Christian Church in Radford, VA and First Christian Church, Lynchburg, VA as an adult. I first felt a call to a seminary education when I took an Old Testament course at New River Community College with Rev. Dr. Gina Rhea (a DOC pastor) and Rev. Dr. Linda Dickerson (a PCUSA pastor). This feeling was strengthened when I attended my first general assembly. Seeing all the amazing ministries our tradition has to offer inspired me to say, “yes!”

My interests include music and travel. I am currently in the final semester of my bachelor’s degree in music at the University of Lynchburg (a DOC-affiliated institution). My primary instrument is pipe organ, but I also play piano and sing. I have traveled to 43 US states and 9 countries where I have loved experiencing the divine through various traditions and cultures.

I am very open-minded about what the future holds for me. I am primarily interested in serving in a congregational or regional setting. I have served on the administrative council for the Christian Church in Virginia, and I love seeing the wonderful things a region can do. I don’t necessarily foresee myself serving in a chaplain role, but I have great admiration for my college’s chaplains and I am open to any and all possibilities.


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