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Rev. Dr. José Francisco Morales, Jr. Takes Full-Time Teaching Position with Chicago Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. José F. Morales

DSF’s Director of Pastoral Formation & Assistant Professor of Historical and Comparative Theology at Claremont School of Theology

February 6, 2020

It is with both celebration and sadness that we announce the departure of Rev. Dr. José Francisco Morales, Jr. from his positions as Disciples Seminary Foundation’s (DSF) Director of Pastoral Formation in Claremont and as Assistant Professor of Historical and Comparative Theology at Claremont School of Theology. Rev. Dr. Morales will be moving to Chicago with his family as he starts a new, full-time position as Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies at Chicago Theological Seminary (CTS).


“Rev. Dr. José Morales has been an incredible asset to Disciple Seminary Foundation,” stated Rev. Belva Brown Jordan, DSF’s Interim President. “His support of students at DSF while studying for his Ph.D. has brought support, encouragement, and inspiration for many. This new appointment as Assistant Professor of Latinx Studies is an exciting opportunity where Dr. Morales’ expertise in history, process, and comparative thought will come together in dynamic ways. He is an excellent teacher and the return to his beloved Chicago will bring inspiration for him to thrive. We look forward to the many contributions to come from his scholarship and teaching."


Rev. Dr. Morales shares, “With excitement about this new opportunity to live out my vocation of teacher at the prestigious CST, there is inevitably sadness about what I leave behind: Disciples Seminary Foundation that both supported me as a student and called me as faculty; Claremont School of Theology that molded me as a scholar and then called me as a scholar to teach; the PSWR that uplifted me through my studies and ministry; and my home congregation, Downey Memorial CCDOC, an incredible congregation with an unshakable commitment to service and witness. Exactly one decade after leaving, I return home, to Chicago. I thank CTS for gifting me the opportunity to join the faculty, an opportunity I will, by the grace of God, live out with commitment, rigor, and joy.”


We are grateful for Rev. Dr. Morales’ leadership at DSF and his six years of service to this community. He will be in Claremont until the end of June. We wish him the very best in Chicago, and blessings as he starts this new journey.

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