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Meet Our New Student Rev. Rosario Ibarra

Tell us about yourself, Rosario!

I have an eclectic journey and enjoy the multi-culture of Los Angeles, where I can meet people from almost every country and enjoy their culture and food. Listening to their stories and worldviews is fascinating. I was raised in Lima, Peru, a country with beautiful beaches, mountains, and delicious cuisine. I completed my undergraduate studies, obtained a Bachelor's in Economics, and worked in banks and other financial institutions. When I came to the US, I had the opportunity to go to Fuller Theological Seminary, where I received an M.Div. and became ordained by the United Church of Christ. I have dual standing with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) due to my work with Disciples Church Extension Fund as a Building and Capital Services Advisor. I enjoy serving congregations with financial, ministry, and building issues.

I recently started pursuing a D.Min. with Pacific School of Religion, and I wonder what else God has in mind. Finally, whenever I can, I enjoy nature, traveling, museums, and every artistic expression, and going to the beach is always a treat. 

What brought you to seminary?

It was a gradual process. I have been meeting and providing services to congregations for several years. As I met them, I became aware of the blessings and challenges they face with cultural, socioeconomic, demographic, technological, and generational changes. Therefore, a question that always came to my mind was, “How to serve them better?” There is also so much diversity in the congregations that new tools are needed to serve them better. I am confident that seminary will help me in this endeavor.

What are you passionate about in ministry?

I am passionate about serving congregations because they are agents of reconciliation, hope, comfort, and transformation. For example, during the pandemic, when nonprofits were unable to offer meals or other services to communities, congregations were the ones that stepped up to continue serving the communities, raising more volunteers and resources. They also provided care and spiritual support and always advocated and worked to bring peace, justice, and reconciliation.

By sharing God’s love with the community, congregations provide space and community to develop our spiritual life, strengthen our faith to connect with God and use our gifts and talents to love, serve our neighbors, and care for the planet. 


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