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Meet Juli Prentice, New DSF Student at SUSTM

Hello there! My name is Juli Prentice. I am a Master of Divinity student at Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry in Seattle, Washington. I am very excited to be graduating at the close of this academic year. My journey through seminary has been enriching, challenging, and a huge family effort. It has truly taken a village to get me to this point. I am unendingly grateful for the encouragement and support from my husband, my two sons, our extended family, my mentors, and dear friends.

Attending seminary was a dream of mine from the first time I learned about a Master of Divinity degree. I knew in my bones it was for me, but it took many years to bring it to fruition. When my youngest child began kindergarten, our family decided it was time. Having primarily been involved in churches that did/do not affirm women in leadership, this was a massive challenge, and I felt very alone in my community. However, the Spirit in her wisdom, brought me to Lake Washington Christian Church in Kirkland, Washington. I was welcomed and nurtured as a Pastoral Intern by the loving community there, and I am now honored to call LWCC my home church. This wonderful congregation is enthusiastically sponsoring my ordination in the Northern Lights Region of the Christian Church, and I am thrilled to be In-Care with them.

I am deeply passionate about recognizing and tending to the wounds our world has sustained from Christian narratives and practices formed by patriarchy, colonialism, white supremacy, heteronormativity, and the exploitation of the natural world. I am passionate about the power of the Jesus story to liberate and transform. I enjoy offering opportunities for people to encounter the non-coercive loving power of God for themselves. My family is well settled on five beautifully wooded acres in Snohomish, Washington. I would love to bring a Disciples presence to my hometown by creatively ministering to people who have been missed and/or marginalized by the White American church in our area.


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