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Meet Erin Edwards, New DSF Student at PSR

My name is Erin Edwards, and I currently serve as founding and lead Pastor of Live On Purpose Community Church (LOP) in Vacaville, CA. I also co-pastor for the Christian Church of Woodland. I am married to my beautiful wife, Chelsea, who serves alongside me as the worship pastor of LOP. Together, we have twin daughters, Erilee and Evagrae. When I have downtime, I love to paint and listen to soul music while sipping on a latte.

My philosophy surrounding ministry is one fully engaged in the necessity of community and transformation within fellowship. I believe at the end of the day, individual growth in ministry has more depth in outcome when involved in community. I would love to explore the ways I can better reach my call within this measure by attending Pacific School of Religion for my D.Min. degree.

The call to ministry is both a great honor and a tremendous responsibility. I have a desire to deepen my biblical and congregational knowledge, grow in wisdom, and take steps toward accomplishing pastoral goals. I am passionate about creating safe and transformative spaces in fellowship and community. I love seeing people come to life to their passions and purpose. I am passionate about pointing people back to Jesus. It is a great privilege to take part in the work of the Divine. To be able have a front row seat as a witness of that work in the lives of others is one of my life’s greatest nobilities. All things surrounding ministry are spawned within the love of God. This in turn, pours out into the love for others, and I have witnessed this manifest itself within the Disciples of Christ, and for that I am grateful.

I was raised, and have served, in many different evangelical spaces that did not then, nor would they now, support me as a pastor. I am a queer, married, black woman. I am often the last invited to the table, if at all. It is in the Disciples of Christ I have found my seat. I plan to be part of a new wave of generational ministry that pulls in millennials as well as Generation Z. I plan to utilize my skills and gifting in order to further the call of the DOC as well as what that means within my own personal ministry. I am in strong belief that my ministry will grow in the region for which I am currently in, but in time will become a national part of the Disciples of Christ with hopes that my ability to draw in young adults will help the church body lean into the future of its fellowship. My D.Min. degree will advance this cause and open up doors that I have yet to see open not only for myself, but others like me. I am so very humbled that Christ led me here.


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