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Lent: A Season of Spiritual Reflection, Restoration, and Growth - A Holy Saturday Reflection from Najon Saina-Tuiolemotu

As we are nearing the end of the Lenten season, we are also approaching the remembrance of the Holy Resurrection and the ultimate salvific act that centralizes our Christian faith. It is a time where we reflect on our spiritual walk thus far, and where we find restoration and growth to journey together with Christ. However, what does that mean for us as individuals?   

Personally, Lent is a time of true repentance for my shortcomings. It is a period of discernment to determine the next steps of my faith journey. Lent is a season of fasting that strengthens my life’s commitment to God’s ministry. It is a time of spiritual discipline that keeps me steadfast on the narrow road laid out by our savior Jesus Christ.   

Although the world we live in is filled with a darkness that shadows many from the narrow road of Christ, Lent reminds us that as faithful believers, we must be the light that illuminates the path for those who are lost in the darkness. By embodying the love of Jesus, it is our sole duty to bring forth compassion through kindness, sacrifice through selflessness, and a renewed way of creating a world that fosters positivity.   

The Lenten season continues to prepare us to be present in the world by encouraging introspection because how can we engage mindfully with others without knowing our heart’s true intentions that manifest our presence in this world? Part of our manifestation in this life is being able to succumb to a level of humility through repentance. This involves a genuine change of heart, mind, and behavior, which leads to a spiritual transformation aligned with the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ. It emphasizes the importance of acknowledging our shortcomings, seeking reconciliation with God, and striving to live a life characterized by love. Within this world, change is inevitable without growth, and as Christians, Lent prepares us to spiritually grow through practicing our faith in prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. We are then able to cultivate empathy as it guides us in our interactions and leads us to address societal issues and our call to action with compassion and spiritual wisdom.   

In conclusion, Lent holds profound significance in the Christian faith as a period of reflection, repentance, and spiritual preparation leading up to Resurrection Sunday. The Lenten season is an opportune time to deepen our relationship with God, and develop and exemplify compassion for the world. May we reflect and restore our commitment as followers by living a life guided by the principles of love, justice, and mercy. As we await the morning of Resurrection Sunday, may we remember our journey throughout this Lenten season, and may we grow and embrace its call to spiritual renewal and transformation through the message of redemption and hope.   


Najon Saina-Tuiolemotu is a DSF/PSR student (M.Div.) and a Samoan native who spent most of her life in Stockton, CA. She now lives in Marina, CA with her husband and daughter. With her husband, she serves as pastor of the Samoan Ola Fou-New Life Christian Church. She also works as a Program Director of a day program providing community resources for autistic adults in the Santa Cruz area. Her life’s work is committed to the ministry by fostering an environment where all are welcome into the family of Christ.


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