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A Message of Prayer and Giving from Rev. Larry J. Morris III

I am a current Board Member and alumnus of DSF (CST/2019/M.Div. and MTS). I am extremely grateful for DSF’s support during my graduate career. Before I applied to seminary, I found a prayer list I had written a few years before. One of the prayer requests on the list was for “free tuition and school books.” Initially when I wrote that prayer list, I had in mind my undergraduate degree, but finding the prayer list and receiving information about DSF was the final affirmation I needed to pursue my M.Div. and MTS degrees. DSF was one of the ministries that allowed that prayer to be answered. I give to DSF because I believe DSF is an answer to someone else’s prayer, and I want to do my part to support answered prayer. I hope that my gift to DSF encourages a graduate student to complete their degree and fulfill their call. The financial gift is accompanied by gifts of prayer, belief, and community. All these gifts are necessary for the work and call of ministry.


Rev. Larry J. Morris III is the Executive Director of the Inclusive Collective (Chicago, IL), a Ph.D. student in the African American Preaching and Sacred Rhetoric program at Christian Theological Seminary (Indianapolis, IN), and a spiritual director. Rev. Morris is committed to supporting the growth of spiritual leadership.


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