Blue Christmas: Meaningful Worship in the Face of Reproductive Loss

In this webinar, Rich guides us on how to create meaningful worship in the face of reproductive loss, provides helpful hints and alerts us to common mistakes in worship planning, and provides worship planning ideas around this important topic.

Webinar from Dec. 3, 2018



Rich Voelz

Richard W. Voelz is an Assistant Professor of Preaching and Worship at Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond, VA. He has served as a pastor at Johns Creek Christian Church with over a decade of ministry experience.

Rich brings expertise and scholarly interest in contemporary homiletic theory, preaching and youth, pastoral identity, preaching in the Stone-Campbell Movement, and contemporary liturgical theology. He is the author of Youthful Preaching: Strengthening the Relationship Between Preaching, Youth, & Adults (Cascade, 2016) and Tending the Tree of Life: Preaching and Worship through Reproductive Loss and Adoption (2nd ed, Energion, 2018).

Does This Describe You?

December can seem blue, especially for those experiencing reproductive loss. This 1 hour training helps you to create meaningful worship in the face of reproductive loss. This is especially for you if you...

  • Have experienced reproductive loss and find it difficult to attend worship during Christmas time

  • Are a worship planner and want to take into consideration those who have experienced reproductive loss  

  • Have always avoided the topic in worship, feeling inadequate to address it

  • Feel clueless about how to proceed, but you know that this is an elephant in the room for many in your church

If any of these feelings have arisen in your soul, then we urge you to register for the webinar.

Reproductive loss touches many people, though it is often unacknowledged and a silent pain for congregation members. Find out pitfalls to avoid now and create safe places for those in congregations to worship and find meaning.