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Engage your Spirituality with a Click

by Rev. Dr. Katy E. Valentine, Director of DSF Discover

Deep engagement with your spirituality is literally just a click of a button away! If you’re reading this, then you have everything you need to engage in our new online learning platform – DSF Discover.

Four Quick Facts that may interest you! DSF Discover….

1. Is a community of 300+ participants in just over 6 months with rapid expansion

2. Has FREE 1-hour webinar trainings with engaged instructors

3. Launched three new courses that are available now

4. Has many future trainings available with constant updates

1) Exciting Community Engagement!

It is exciting to see so many people engaging in our recent opportunities! Since launching our first free trainings in October, 300+ people have logged on to participate in a 1-hour trainings or an extended course. If you’ve never attended an online training, let me invite you now – the Spirit moves strongly in our online offerings.

2) Free 1-Hour Webinar Trainings

DSF Discover regularly hosts 1-hour trainings with excellentinstructors with over 10 trainings already recorded. Trainings are free, and you can dig in deep with questions for the instructor.

3) Three Courses are Available Now

It is especially thrilling to announce the arrival of several short courses that are available for you now. (Bonus: you automatically get an A+ with these courses!) Qualified instructors partner with DSF Discover to offer these courses. Participants engage in a warm, nurturing environment where they can ask deep questions and explore fulfilling answers.

  • One course you might try is “True Inclusion for Jesus Followers” with Pastor Brandan Robertson, especially if you have done countless workshops on LGBTQI inclusion and anti-racism, but the dynamic of your congregation does not seem to change. Brandon is the author of True Inclusionand in a 5-hour course, he takes you through the steps of building a truly inclusive church without gimmicks.

  • If a natural disaster occurs, do you know the role of your church? (Hint: it’s more than making sandwiches). I highly recommend “5 Steps to Prepare Your Church for the Disaster You Never Saw Coming” with Rev. Caroline Hamilton-Arnold. In just five hours, you can shift from knowing nothing about disaster response to assessing exactlyhow your church will respond when disaster strikes. “I truly enjoyed learning from Rev. Caroline … It struck me how important our church is in helping with any disaster even if the church or congregation members aren’t directly affected…I now know we are not alone if a disaster were to strike!” - Tarah T. in Grand Rapids

  • Pat Donahoo, Executive Director of Disciples Women, attended the United Nations Status on Women Meeting, and she shares all she learned to empower you in the course “5 Ways for Women to Empower Women Globally.” In just five hours, discover the concrete ways that you can make a difference in women’s lives around the world.

I invite you to check out DSF Discover today and sign up for one of our current offerings at


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